The Greater Good

Unprecedented times call for extraordinary resources! Having attended the University of Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center Education Institute a couple of summers ago, I know they offer research-based best practices that are worth exploring.

The Greater Good focus on Social-Emotional practices addresses not only the needs of students but also adults. They offer a wealth of online classes, articles, videos, methods, and resources that can be applied simply today.  Believing in the power of relationships and connection, they have organized resources to address the challenges, anxiety, and stress through kindness, compassion, and other prosocial qualities.

Go check it out and make yours a GREAT Day! While at it,


PS. Look at the movie and resources for “Insideout,” which, together with Pixar, was produced by the Greater Good Science Center for Education.  The characters in the film provide an excellent source for teaching students about emotions and the importance of sharing them.  Ultimately by introducing empathy and gratitude, students learn necessary strategies for building relationships, making connections, self-regulation, and communication. All of which will help to prevent the trauma, these challenges can bring.



Greater Good in Education
UC Berkeley's Greater Good Science Center (GGSC)

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